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A Life in Pieces

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A Life in Pieces Empty A Life in Pieces

Post by Strasberries96 April 9th 2008, 6:34 pm

Here's the synopsis of a new book release, "A Life in Pieces" by psychiatrist Richard Baer.

An extract from The Daily Mail can be found here.

A Life in Pieces 63668920_full

The Harrowing True Story of A Woman With Multiple Personality Disorder.

'I want to tell you about me. I -was born on October 29, 1967 on
Karen's communion day. Karen was being hurt. Karen died that day and I
was born'

One afternoon in 1989, Karen Overhill walks into psychiatrist Richard
Baer's office complaining of vague physical pains, depression and a
persistent memory problem.

Routinely, she 'loses' parts of her day, finding herself in places she
doesn't remember going to, or being told about conversations she
doesn't remember having.

Then Baer receives an envelope in the post. It's marked with Karen's
return address but contains a letter from a little girl who writes that
she's seven years old and lives inside of Karen.

Soon Baer receives letters from others claiming to be parts of Karen.

Realising that his patient represents an extreme case of multiple
personality disorder, Baer faces the daunting task of creating a
therapy that will make Karen whole again.

Somehow he must gain the trust of each of Karen's 17 'alters' and convince them of the necessity of their own annihilation.
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