The not so "SMart" antics surrounding the death of children's TV presenter Mark Speight

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The not so "SMart" antics surrounding the death of children's TV presenter Mark Speight

Post by Godiva83 on April 16th 2008, 4:29 pm

It's appalling the amount of condolences expressed by the public toward the icky suicide of Mark Speight. Specially in a society that feels so strongly about drugs' use (and abuse).

It is, indeed a rather depressing story. But it also seems that all the details of both deaths are being left aside in the name of humaneness, empathy and benevolence.

All I say is, action-reaction.

At the end of the day, it's nothing but one of the many consequences of doing drugs. A mix of cocaine, vodka, sleeping pills and hot baths is probably such a laugh most of the time, but everything can also go tits up in a second and they seem to forget this bit for the sake of having some decadent "harmless" fun.

If that's their choice, fine. If it makes them happy. But please don't come sulking afterwards because everything went horribly wrong. As experienced recreational drug users they should be aware of the possible outcomes. Yes, grotesque death and loss included. It's like clowning around with an AK-47, blow someone's head off and then going " Doh, but I didn't mean it that way, I was just having a bit of fun! Sulk! Now I can't live with myself! "

Erhm... Darwin Awards anyone?

So what if they weren't capable of measuring the actual consequences of their actions because they were already brain damaged as a result of the drugs? That would be a bit of a Catch-22 and fair enough, except for the fact that they were perfectly able of keeping successful jobs and careers and living in a £500,000 flat in St John's Wood, north London.

They had the looks, the success and the status, everything going for them. But no, they still needed some extra spice in the guacamole. The riff 'I can't get no satisfaction' comes to my head.

This particular case is receiving the same amount of sympathy as actual tragedies, with actual victims, and it just doesn't add up. There are no victims here. Just loads of irresponsibility and self-indulgence, and the corresponding results.

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Re: The not so "SMart" antics surrounding the death of children's TV presenter Mark Speight

Post by Don on April 20th 2008, 9:50 am

Ha! Yer funny, Carrot.

Well, I have no first-hand idea of the pressures of working in the media, and any of the other "issues" that MIGHT have being going on in their lives, so I shall refrain from being too quick to judge them.

For all I know, they may have been having some serious "relationship problems", or have been deeply insecure people before they even started using drugs. I know, from personal experience, that weaker people are often drawn (like moths to a flame) to things such as drugs. And you just have to look at the mentalities and antics of other media figures to realize that, unfortunately, not everyone is of sound enough mind to make the best life choices. Add to that the (comparatively) high disposable income that media careers tend to provide, and you're effectively fuelling the self-destructive fire in some cases.

IMHO ANY death is sad. Even if it is self-inflicted. I do accept that the couple probably should have behaved more responsibly, but... without knowing the full story, I'm reluctant to write them off completely.

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