Eduardo del Río, "Rius"

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Eduardo del Río, "Rius"

Post by Godiva83 on April 1st 2008, 10:06 pm

Rius (Eduardo del Río) is a Mexican cartoonist with a fierce political and activism background. His work is filled with irony and humor, and most of his books have been drawn and handwritten.

Here's an example of it, a page from "Los Supermachos":

I've never seen a non spanish edition of his books, but it'd be pretty interesting.

Here's a list of his books taken from Wikipedia (it's fun to read the english translation):

  • Filosofía para principiantes (Desde Platón hasta hace rato) (Philosophy for Beginners: From Plato up to a few minutes ago)
  • La panza es primero (The Belly First)
  • Marx para principiantes (Marx for Beginners)
  • Puré de Papas (about the history of the heads of the Catholic Church) (Pope/Potato Mash)
  • 500 años fregados pero cristianos (500 Years BLEEPED but Christian)
  • ABC Che (about Che Guevara)
  • Kama Nostra (about sex)
  • Cuba para principiantes (Cuba for Beginners)
  • La Biblia: Esa linda tontería (The Bible: That Cute Nonsense)
  • La deuda externa y cómo no pagarla (The External Debt and How Not to Pay It)
  • Manual del perfecto ateo (Manual of the Perfect Atheist)
  • Mis supermachos (My Supermachos)
  • La Iglesia y otros cuentos (The Church and Other Tales)
  • Lástima de Cuba (It's a Pitty, Cuba)
  • Los Panuchos (history of the National Action Party or PAN)
  • Machismo, feminismo y homosexualismo (Machism, Feminism and Homosexualism)
  • Pequeño Rius Ilustrado (Small Illustrated Rius)
  • Rius para principiantes (Rius for Beginners)
  • Herejes, ateos y malpensados (vol. I y II) (Heretics, Atheist and Disingenous)
  • Cómo dejar de comer (mal) (How to Stop Eating... Bad Things)
  • La mamá del Quijote (The Quixote's Mum)
  • Cristo de carne y hueso (Christ of Flesh and Blood)
  • Jesús alias el Cristo (Jesus Alias the Christ)
  • Filatelia para cuerdos (Philatelia for Sane People)
  • RecetaRIUS: 100 propuestas para salvar lo que queda de México (RecetaRIUS: 100 Proposals to Save What is Left of Mexico)
  • Con perdón de Doré (y de la Biblia) (Forgive me, Doré (and Forgive me, Bible))
  • Su Majestad el PRI (His majesty PRI)
  • El católico preguntón (The Inquisitor Catholic)
  • Osama Tío Sam (Osama Uncle Sam)
  • El libro de las malas palabras (The Book of the Bad Words)
  • El fracaso de la educación en México (The Failure of Mexican Education)
  • Marihuana, cocaína y otros viajes (Marijuana, Cocaine and Other Trips)
  • Diccionario de la estupidez humana (Dictionary of Human Stupidity)
  • El supermercado de las sectas (The Supermarket of Sects)
  • Trukulenta historia del capitalismo (The Tricky History of Capitalism)
  • Los panuchos (The Panuchos)
  • La revolucioncita mexicana (The Little Mexican Revolution)
  • Filosofia para principiantes (Philosophy for Beginners)
  • TodoRius (AllRius)
  • Votas y te vas (You Vote and Go)
  • Horóscopos, tarot y otras tomadas de pelo (Horoscopes, Tarot and other Frauds)
  • Atlas para niños y niñas (An Atlas for Children)

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