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about "You just donīt understand"

Post by Nena Cherry on March 29th 2008, 7:21 pm

La verdad esq me parece un libro bastante chido, q nos ayuda a entender el lenguaje tan peculiar del sexo opuesto, ya seeamos hombres o mujeres..porq a poco no? luego nos pasa q nisiquiera entendemos q pex con lo q (en mi caso: hombres) dicen y lo q realmente quieren decir, y terminamos entendiendo una cosa totalmenbte distinta, en fin, es bastante complejo todo este rollo, pero Deborah Tannen nos ofrece posibles soluciones....


I really think this is a really cool book that help us understand the peculiar language of the opposite sex, whether we are male or female... sometimes we don't understand what's the deal with what (in my case, guys) say and what they really mean, and we end up interpreting something completely different, anyhoo, this is really complex stuff, but Deborah Tannen offers us some possible solutions...
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